That’s the motto of  b.i.s.i. Chicago Dance Company

Founder & Artistic Director, Lynn Arevalo has taken on a bigger title and has turned dance into an inspired and unique work of passion and beauty. Her unique style and vision of the craft helped her create her own Performing Arts Company & Dance Studio. The b.i.s.i. Chicago Dance Company, located in Elk Grove Village, a Northwest Suburb of Chicago, that produces a wide variety of quality performing arts through dance, theatre, music and aerial art.

As a highly trained, working professional in the industry of the performing arts, Lynn Arevalo provides a great deal of pride and dedication to her students training and dance education. The artistic staff of the b.i.s.i. Chicago Dance Company teaches our students to be as technically strong and versatile as possible. We as a team are fully committed to teaching, passing on the art of inspiration through dance and physical expression. Our programs are taught by experienced professionals in the field, with a cutting-edge curriculum designed to progressively lead students through the challenging performing art of dance.

b.i.s.i. Chicago Dance Company is raising the barre by bringing Chicago-quality talent to the suburbs and is developing more opportunities for the dancers to learn and grow.

Lynn has worked extremely hard to provide performance opportunities for both her students and the professionals, as well as establishing a Chicago network of clients to continue the development of dance locally and nationally.